• We have already recommended Janssen Homes to everyone we talk to. From start to finish Janssen exceeded expectations. This is not our first time building a house and this experience changed our opinion of homebuilders. Every trade involved in this build was considerate to us and proud of their work. It is clear that attention is paid to the smallest detail from framing to electrical.

    J. T.
  • It has now been six months since I moved into my home and somehow, I still lack the words to express just what this home means to me. The excitement of walking into my home for the first time has never diminished - I am filled with that same joy every day. It is peaceful here, safe and calm, and already full of wonderful memories. Having the perfect space to bring my family together for celebrations and new beginnings means everything to me because while it is only me and my dogs living here now, this is only the beginning. I know there are many other milestones of my life that will unfold in this house. I had the unique opportunity to be involved in every step of building my dream house - something I know very few people get to do. Janssen Homes is the only home builder I was entirely comfortable in trusting with my vision. I knew exactly what my house was going to be and I never for a second had to question or doubt that my dream would be a reality. It was a given. And for that, I am so grateful.  To say I am in love with my home would be an understatement. I truly could not be happier. My home is the perfect (and idyllic) reflection of me and who I am, but by extension, this house is a show piece of everything Janssen Homes is. So thank you for everything and everyone that had a hand in creating my home. I wish there was more I could say to express my gratitude to the many, many people involved in making a project like this successful. 

    - Sarah
  • We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team at Janssen Homes most sincerely for your incredible teamwork and professionalism. This is our first new home in many many years. Our experience with your firm started with Diane and ended with Lawrence. All your team including the trades have been so patient with us and given us such a high quality home and service. With all our questions it would not surprise us if Lawrence gave a great sigh of relief as we passed the one-year bench mark. Lawrence is professional to the core and we just love him. It is difficult to put to words our gratitude for such high quality workmanship on every level. We are proud to have you as our builder and don't hesitate to share this information with any that will listen.  

    Please express our gratitude to all, J & C
  • Our family purchased our home from  Janssen Homes in September of 2007.  We have moved several times in our  lives and have gone through the building process prior to building with  Janssen Homes.  We always found Janssen to be professional and very  reasonable at all times to deal with.  Many people that come to our  house compliment us on the fit and finishings of our home.  We were  impressed at what was included in the base price of our home, unlike  other builders.  We looked at several other builders in the area and  Janssen won hands down for us.  Following taking possession, we had few  minor adjustments that needed to be finished and Janssen took care of  everything very quickly for us.  The company takes pride in what product  they produce, and it shows.  This September, it will be two years we  have been in our home and we love it.  We have had no issues and are  extremely happy with our home.  I would recommend Janssen Homes to  anyone who is looking to build a house.  

    - Nicole & Neville
  • I  am truly sincere in saying that my home building experience with  Janssen was a great experience all the way.  Not only did I find that  the quality of workmanship was the best,  I was always treated like my  property was on the top of their list.  Diane was extremely  helpful in the whole process of building my home.  She went above and  beyond in every aspect and does a great job of keeping your best  interests in mind.  At the end of the day, the whole team at Janssen  works very hard for there customers and makes sure that everything is exactly the way you want it. There was a number of reasons that I  chose Janssen in the beginning, but as my home was built, there is  even more reasons that I would highly recommend them to anyone.Welcome to the neighborhood. 

    - Sincerely, Morgan
  • When we have decided to purchase a property in Cochrane, we wanted not a house, but a home. After doing quite a bit of a research, we have decided  to buy from Janssen Homes, just because of their unique way to treat the  people and the quality of their product. If somebody thinks that the  first impression doesn't matter when entering a show home, then it's  wrong. We have been in all show homes in Cochrane and we have had quite  few  surprises, if we can call it like this. When entering Janssen's Show Home we always felt welcome and we were lucky enough to find lovely Diane to walk us through all the procedures and buying process. She was very professional, very friendly and honest, not pushing us in making  the decision. Beautiful personality. All Janssen's employees we came in  contact with, were very helpful, flexible, patient, communicative and  very happy to accommodate our needs. We haven't been disappointed by Janssen Homes. Our home is the perfect home: quality products, perfect  layout, and it's warm in cold weather. Janssen Homes offers excellent product, quality, and personable service. We have recommend it to all our friends.

    - Ramona & Peter
  • It is with great pleasure that I share the highlights of our home-building experience. From site selection to plan development through to the finishing stages of construction, the staff of Janssen Homes created an environment that was based upon a genuine responsiveness to customer needs. With her adept organizational and communication skills, Diane LaMonaca, the Janssen sales representative, ensured that I was consulted on key decisions throughout the construction process. Ms. LaMonaca also responded to all of my enquiries in a prompt and thorough manner which allowed me to make informed decisions. I was also impressed by the initiative of individual contractors who asked clarifying questions in order to ensure that their work would meet my family’s specialized needs.  Several elements of our home required customized attention and upon viewing these completed projects I was struck by the creativity and immense talent of the Janssen craftsmen.  Projected timelines were honoured which ensured that we were able to move into our home on schedule. After the possession date, the service personnel of Janssen Homes attended to all service items in a timely and proficient manner. In summary, it has been a privilege to work with the dedicated team of people who comprise Janssen Homes and we thank each of them for gifting our family with such a beautiful, comfortable and well constructed home. It is with great confidence that I recommend Janssen Homes to those who are looking for an innovative and quality home-building experience.

    - Jeanette

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