Importance of Keeping Trades


Skilled tradesmen are worth their weight in gold! So many hands come together to build a quality home and each trade relies on the other to ply their skill to the best of their ability and we rely on our team to do the job right. Building strong relationships with the tradespeople that work with us enables us to hold everyone accountable to our standards and means our trades are willing to go the extra mile for us and our customers.

This is why we take great pride in having relationships with many of our trades that span from 10 to over 50 years.“Consistent, detailed communication is key,” says Conrad Janssen, President of Janssen Homes.

We show our people respect by being precise in our scheduling which shows that we value their time and they return that respect in their work. Strong two-way communication is just one of the key areas to focus on. Conrad also notes a few others extra steps Janssen Homes takes to ensure that we can continue to retain and help strengthen ties with the industry’s top trades:

  • Pay them on time, every time. We do not take on projects that we cannot pay for which means that the people who work in our homes know they will be paid by the 15th of the month following for every invoice they submit. There is no waiting a month or two and working in good faith; We follow through on the expectations we have committed ourselves to.

  • Understand your trades’ work capacity. They need to know as early as possible which jobs and how many will be coming up. And you need to know realistically what can be accomplished within a specified time frame. Together, you are creating a mini business plan because each of you depends upon the other to succeed.

  • Above all, focus on job readiness. Consistently having the job site prepped and the materials ready on time will give your trades the confidence to send their best crews. Having the site ready allows them to do their job more efficiently, and helps to ensure the project — and the others that are currently or soon to be underway — stay on schedule.