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Is Cochrane a Good Investment?

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Is Cochrane a Good Investment?

The real estate market means different things to different people. For some, getting into real estate is about home ownership. These people are often eager to buy a home and start putting their rent money into their own pocket. They want to put down roots, make new friends and maybe raise a family in a welcoming community with great schools and amenities. If they plan to rent part of their home to help off-set mortgage payments, they may select a Cochrane community where secondary suites are legitimately allowed.

For others, real estate is more about getting into the market and anticipating equity growth in their largest personal investment. Sure, they want a home but equity growth is an important consideration they seek to maximize.

Over the past 10 years, Cochrane’s population has exploded; growing by over 82%. It’s been one of Alberta’s fastest growing towns. Cochrane is considerably more affordable than Calgary, often allowing you to get into an equivalently sized home for 10-20% less than Calgary.

Cochrane hosts a diverse real estate community with an extensive selection of developers and builders to choose from. In Cochrane, you’ll find everything from apartment style condos, to duplexes and unique live-work townhomes and single family homes ranging from affordable starters to large estate homes with 3 car garages. This growing town boasts a huge variety of lifestyle options at nearly every price point.

Aside from the variety of home styles available, at least part of Cochrane’s growth has come from the town’s progressive, educated and affluent population along with a like-minded municipal government who’ve made Cochrane a modern and attractive place to live, work and own a business. Did you know Cochrane has no business tax (although you do pay tax on property the business owns ) and secondary suites are encouraged? This combination of desirable factors resulted in the rapid expansion of new residents, amenities and businesses who keep compounding the benefits of living in Cochrane.

How ever you approach the real estate market, Cochrane is a very attractive alternative to Calgary and worthy of a closer look!